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September 09, 2020 Press Announcement

First in NJ to receive NIOSH Approval for N95 Face-piece Respirator

We would like to announce that we are the first in the state of New Jersey to receive NIOSH Approval for a public health emergency N95 Filtering Face-piece Respirator. We are thrilled to have begun production of the N95 masks at this Paterson, New Jersey headquarters.

In response to the great need for PPE and to bring the manufacturing of that PPE back to the United States, we have retooled our Paterson, New Jersey facility to produce NIOSH approved N95 respirators, which we are proud to say are MADE IN AMERICA !

This was quite a daunting task, but with the unwavering support of the CDC, NIOSH, and the NPPTL, we have produced a high quality product that conforms to the standards of NIOSH. We want to especially thank the leadership of NPPTL - Dr. Maryanne D’Alessandro, Mr. Jeffrey Peterson, and Ms. Colleen Miller for their guidance in this process. We also want to thank Governor Murphy, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Mayor Andre Sayegh, who have been incredibly supportive throughout this process.

We are honored to bring jobs to New Jersey and make respirators for front line workers and first responders of our great country.